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Atlanta Children’s Film Festival

Celebrating 15 Years!

Promoting Positive, Educational & Entertaining Films for Children

(July 7 – 24, 2022)

Celebrating 15 Years!

The Atlanta Children’s Film Festival promotes positive, educational, and entertaining children’s and family-oriented films. This educational and fun festival is two weeks of eye-opening and exciting activities which include film screenings, media literacy and film workshops for children, families and industry professionals. One of the goals of this festival is to introduce youth to careers in film and television. 

This year’s film festival will be July 7 – 24, 2022. After two years of a fully virtual format this year will be a hybrid festival. The theme is One Big Family-Creating Together. Sixty films made by and for young people will be screened. The films come from filmmakers from all around the world.

In addition, there will be awesome guest teachers: Allyssa Lewis, Emmy-Award winning animator, Fran Burst-Terranella, Emmy-Award winning independent film and television director and producer, Janlatae Mullin, Award winning director, and Kelly Young-Silvia, actress and youth acting instructor. The festival kicks off on July 7, 2022 with an animation workshop, a festival favorite in past years. By popular demand we will showcase films via virtual screening July 18 – 24, 2022.

Opening Day Workshop

Limit 25 students (Ages 7-17)

Intro to Animation with Allyssa Lewis, Emmy-Award winning animator (Online)

Thursday, July 7, 2021

11:00 p.m

Students will learn the basic concepts of creating animation which includes timing, staging, anticipation, storytelling and tweening using free animation online software.

Limit 25 students (Ages 5+)

Create Puppets with the Center for Puppetry Arts (Online)

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

11:00 – 12:00 p.m

Students will learn how to build, decorate and the basics of manipulating a puppet in the “Fantastic Friends Workshop.” Materials to make the puppets will be provided.

Limit 25 students (Ages 7-17)

Intro to Animation with Allyssa Lewis, Emmy-Award winning animator.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

2:00 – 2:45 p.m

Students will learn the basic concepts of creating animation which includes timing, staging, anticipation, storytelling and tweening.

Limit 30 students  (Ages 7-17)

Word in Motion Acting Workshop with Kelly Young-Silvia, Acclaimed Acting Instructor

Thursday, June 17, 2021

1:00 p.m

Students will be introduced to the world of acting through fun learning acting techniques. In addition, students will learn how to prepare for an acting audition.

Limit 15 students (Ages 13-17)

Intro to Filmmaking with Fran Burst-Terranella (Part 1 – Writing Workshop)

Thursday, June 22, 2021

1:00 – 2:30 p.m

Students will learn how to write a short film script and work together as a writing team to create a short film.

Limit 15 students (Ages 13-17)

Intro to Filmmaking (Part 2 – Production Workshop)

Thursday, June 23, 2021

1:00 – 2:30 p.m

Students will learn about film recording equipment, camera movement and composition. In addition, they will receive resources to further learn about the production process.

Limit 15 students (Ages 13-17)

Limit 15 students (Ages 13-17)

Limit 15 students (Ages 13-17)

Limit 15 students (Ages 13-17)

Limit 15 students (Ages 13-17)

Limit 15 students (Ages 13-17)

Limit 15 students (Ages 13-17)

Intro to Filmmaking (Part 3 – Editing)

Thursday, June 24, 2021

1:00 – 2:30 p.m

Students will be introduced to editing using iMovie on a phone or iPad.

Limit 15 students (Ages 13-17)

Also Featuring

The Youth Vision & Virtual Film Showcase

This is a special screening of films produced by youth and a screening of all films the weekend

 June 25-27, 2021

Kids Video Connection Children’s Film Festival
2021 Official Selections

Films by Youth


Director: Ela Rees, Mortada Gzar (Director of Animation)
Runtime: 4:11
Country: United States

The visually stunning debut animation short of 11-year-old filmmaker Ela Rees tells the story of
Ellie the Elephant and her struggle for freedom.

It Fits

Director: Children of the FABIDO Daycare Center
Runtime: 5:37
Country: Germany

A stop-motion animated short brought to us by the children of the FABIDO daycare center in
Germany. It Fits explores the adventures of a triangle family forced to emigrate to square
country, where everything is a little different.

The New Light

Director: J Ferguson
Runtime: 4:03
Country: United States

In this Star Wars-inspired short film, a boy searches for his missing father and his true destiny.

Vampires Don't Dance

Director: Travis Frick
Runtime: 4:49
Country: United States

This short film depicted through dance and action was created by six-year-old Arthur Frick with
the help of his Auntie Muggles and father, Travis Frick. In this film, Fang, the young vampire,
saves Vampire City from the evil witch, Castra. Arthur crafted the story with his imagination and
was the dancer in the film


Director: Christina Gibson
Runtime: 1:13
Country: United States

A teenaged Instragrammer gets caught faking a post. Written by teenager, Travis Suggs, and
Tayeshaun Williams.


Director: Julian Green
Runtime: 8:37
Country: United States

This eye-opening and disturbing short documentary film, 18-year-old producer, Julian Green
explores the phenomenon of Elsagate, a 2017 YouTube Kids controversy. Some material may
not be appropriate for children, but then again, that’s the point.


Director: Ricky Bell Jr.
Runtime: 7:30
Country: United States

High school cheerleader, Allison Wilkens has a strange encounter with Miles Joyner, a classmate
of hers who’s taken on the alias of Star50 and has an obsession with outer space. Although, his
fascination may have a deeper reason than what’s on the surface.

The Debut of Elsa

Director: Mara Branum
Runtime: 3:38
Country: United States

A series of vignettes featuring a girl appreciating nature and the outdoors, pieced together to a
musical score.

Better Together

Director: Mara Branum
Runtime: 3:22
Country: United States

Four friends wander the woods together, but soon find themselves trapped in a strange situation.
Stress, fear, and mystery all cloud the mind of these four friends. Will their companionship

Films by College Students

Lapis De Lumine

Director: Kalee DeHamer (College Student)
Runtime: 7:40
Country: United States

A young herbalist sets out on her own to take up the family business with the help of a magical
family heirloom. When the necklace is stolen by a strange creature, she pursues after it.
However, what she finds at the end of her pursuit is not what she was expecting…is she prepared
to handle it?

The Jungle Tale - "An Ordinary Life Until..."

Director: Henry Zhinin
Runtime: 2:07
Country: United States

A group of kids living in the heart of the jungle and raised by wild animals learn all about nature,
survivalism and conservation.

Good Will Memory

Director: Yang Bai (College Student)
Runtime: 15:57
Country of Origin: United States

A wise older neighbor helps Toby, a 7-year-old boy with a passion for painting, learn to behave
himself and get along with his single mothe

Live Action Shorts

The Swimsuit Season

Director: Antonino Valvo
Runtime: 5:15
Country of Origin: Italy

Ayman, an overweight boy, is determined to face his insecurities by spending a day in a public
pool. But our swimsuit superhero faces many little obstacles before he can dive in.

Dog Years – Feeling Foolish

Director: Tim Clague, Danny Stack
Runtime: 6:28
Country: United Kingdom

Dash the dog thinks his people are making fun of him, before realizing that he’s more than
welcome to get in on the fun himself!


Director: Will Thomas, Domingo Guyton
Runtime: 3:14
Country: United States

The song WAP, which stands for Women as Prophets, was brought to life as a way of inspiring
young women to view themselves in the light of God, and for young men to see women as
vessels from the Lord that we should respect and protect. They are made in His image and
shouldn’t have to follow the standards of pop culture

Enter The Otter

Director: Nikos Dayandas
Runtime: 19:59
Country of Origin: Greece

A group of Athenian kids doing theater lose their protagonist, who is being bullied by an older
boy. A part-time electrician and Kung Fu master comes to their aid. But in order to bring their
friend back, they must first learn how to be a real team.

Animated Shorts

Bane of the Beasts

Director: Alexis Wong
Runtime: 5:05
Country: United States

A young creature unlike any other is shunned by all the herds of the land. But little do they
know, that the pup is meant for a far greater destiny.


Director: Radostina Neykova
Runtime: 5:00
Country: Bulgaria

An uplifting tale about learning to fly and a marvelous visual experience made possible through
the wonder of handmade embroidery animation!

The Tattooed Torah

Director: Marc Bennett
Runtime: 21:13
Country: United States

A stunning animated short film based on the children’s book by Marvell Ginsburg and true
events of the Holocaust. This artfully crafted story of one family’s Torah makes tough lessons of
history easily digestible for all ages. The one and only Ed Asner’s narration is one of many
factors contributing to the power of this film.

Animated Films

Jaadoo (The Magic)

Director: Shoorveer Tyagi
Runtime: 38:23
Country: India

Tvisha and Bhakti study in a remote village school. Every day their teachers punish them and
throw them out of class. Tvisha is chirpy, brimming with energy; Bhakti is gloomy & shy.
Despite their unlikeness they gradually discover friendship outside the classroom. In the forest,
Bhakti and Tvisha discover a secret place and meet a new friend. Soon, the magic begins to

Louisa, An Amazing Adventure

Director: David Reynolds, Stephen Cookson
Runtime: 1:01:33
Country: United Kingdom

This epic 3D-animated feature film recounts the true tale of a ship at sea during a terrible storm
in the year 1899, and the astounding lifeboat rescue attempt.

Films COVID-19 Related


Director: Canedy Knowles
Runtime: 25:00
Country: United States

An uplifting short film about COVID-19 and the BLM movement from the perspective of
America’s youth. Filmed remotely during the pandemic of 2020, the story follows a group of
young people who discover how to be physically distance but socially together. Their connection
makes them unstoppable.

Harriet: The Black Swan In the Year of COVID-19

Director: Klair
Runtime: 33:41
Country: United States

Four seasons of the life of Harriet Tubman are told creatively through ballet. This film is
beautifully choreographed and the dancers are very graceful.


Director: Caleb Metissier
Runtime: 3:29
Country: United States

After a mysterious new virus causes a worldwide pandemic, young Andy Locke struggles to
cope with his “new normal” of living in quarantine.

The Snap

Director: Dean Jagerson
Runtime: 6:46
Country: United States

A young Marvel fan binge-watches his way through the beginning of the COVID-19 quarantine,
and when he emerges, becomes convinced that Thanos really did “snap” away half the


Director: Jack Zheng
Runtime: 7:22
Country: China

An amusing Public Service Announcement raising awareness about the hidden dangers of the
COVID-19 virus. The suspenseful story is told through the eyes of elementary school students in

Making Sense

Director: Filmmaking Collective
Runtime: 7:02
Country: United Kingdom

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of children experience a prolonged period of lockdown
and explore their surroundings by using their senses.

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