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Atlanta Children’s Film Festival


Promoting Positive, Educational and Entertaining Films for Children

Celebrating 17 Years!

We are excited about celebrating 17 years of the  Atlanta Children’s Film Festival. We are grateful for our growth which is partly due from the embrace and nurturing of the Atlanta Film Community. A special thanks to our partners and sponsors – the National Endowment for the Arts, Georgia Council for the Arts, Emory University Department of Film & Media, South Arts, the DeKalb Entertainment Commission and the Tyler Perry Foundation for the support and funding that has enabled us to grow and reach more children each year.

This educational and fun film festival is two weeks of eye-opening and exciting activities which include film screenings, media literacy and video production workshops for children, teens and independent producers. 

  We showcase films produced by youth. Also, we promote positive films produced by independent producers from around the world.

This summer festival is entertaining and engaging for the whole family. Since we started the festival, it has been a great success, and we have reach over 10,000 youth and their families! In an effort to help us fulfill our mission, promote positive children’s programming and introduce youth to careers in film and television.

KVC was awarded DeKalb County Arts Visionary Award for starting the festival and creating an innovative art program to teach children through the arts.


Congratulation to the 2024 Winners!

Youth Filmmakers

Best Youth Documentary 15+ Minutes

Away With The Circus

Best Youth Documentary

Appa Tales: Stories from my Grandfather

Best Youth Short Film

Late Night Edit

Best Youth Animated Short Film

My Number One

Adult Award Winners (18+)

Best 2D Animated Short Film

The Queen’s Flowers

Best 3D-Animated Short Film

The Sound Collector

Best Documentary Feature Film

From Zero to a Hundred

Best Documentary

The Aliterate: Bow-wow, Books and Kids

Best Educational Film

Ameka and Her Magical Crown

Best Feature Film


Best Live Action Short Film

All You’ve Got