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We Inspire Youth To Think, Dream & Create!

We are a non-profit educational media arts organization that specializes in teaching youth media literacy, communication skills, and video production.

KVC Star Student

Congratulations to Janae’ Banks. She is this month’s KVC Star Student. She did an awesome job as student producer on the short film, Alien Encounters.

Janae’ is 15-years-old. She is homeschooled, and her favorite subject is history. She is very talented. She likes to draw, edit videos, sing and dance. She speaks Japanese. Janae’ said in the future she would like to be an author, director and produce her own films. Check out this short film produced by Janae’.

Did You Know?

Spent consuming media per day (13-18 yr old minority students)

Spent per month using media (13-18 yr old minority students)

Negative/violent acts the average U.S. child will witness by age 18

We Provide

Media Literacy

Media literacy is defined as the ability to analyze, understand, evaluate, access and create media. We teach youth media literacy to help them develop critical thinking skills and empower them with the knowledge and tools to make wiser media choices.

Video Production

We inspire children to learn, think, dream, create and communicate through the study and application of video production disciplines and techniques. One of the core concepts of media literacy is: “All media messages are constructed.” We focus on this concept as we teach the students how to produce a video project.

Communication Skills

Our mission is to use video production as a teaching tool to educate and empower today’s youth with media literacy, communication and critical thinking skills that will help them become independent thinkers and creators of tomorrow!

Our Workshops

KVC Makes A Difference

Students served since 2006

Video Projects we helped our students produce

Free Video Production Workshop for underserved youth

 “(KVC) has been a great asset to me, and I am grateful for its continued support. With Mrs. Johnson’s guidance and video expertise, at age 15, I was inspired to be a forward-thinking teen and set goals which resulted in me graduating as a first-generation college graduate from Georgia State University (GSU) with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Film/Video. KVC not only helped me prepare and plan for a future in media but provided me tools and a creative outlet to look at life positively.”

Phebe Dowels, Writer & Producer