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Opening Night Feature Film Showcase

Annabelle Hooper and the Ghosts of Nantucket

Annabelle Hooper is a young mystery writer in search of a story for her future best-selling novel. On a family vacation in Nantucket, she uncovers a 200 year-old mystery that provides Annabelle with the inspiration she’s been seeking. Along with local brother-and-sister duo of Jake and Maddi, Annabelle dives into a world of eccentric thieves, psychics, a hazy figure in white, and a mysterious boy named Billy. With an old journal as their guide, the friends follow the clues into adventure.

Paul Serafini

Kieran McGowan

Bailee Madison
Robert Capron
Rachel Resheff
Mavrick Moreno
Whitney Goin
Gary Weeks
Juliana Harkavy
Kevin B. McGlynn
Jamison Stern
Mia Matthews

Bailee Madison
Paul Serafini
Amy Baker
Cameron Kim Dawson
Michael Finn
Jason Pinardo