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Kids Video Connection

Excited to Present


The Atlanta Children’s Film Festival

July 7 – 24 , 2022

Promoting Positive, Educational and Entertaining Films for Children

Celebrating 15 Years!

We are excited about celebrating 15 years of service to children and their families this year! As we expand in the metro Atlanta area, we have a new name, Atlanta Children’s Film Festival. We are grateful for our growth which is partly due from the embrace and nurturing of the Atlanta Film Community and sponsors. A special thanks to our sponsors the Georgia Council for the Arts, Emory University Department of Film & Media and the DeKalb Entertainment Commission and the Tyler Perry Foundation for the support and funding that has enabled us to grow and reach more children. 

This educational and fun film festival is two weeks of eye-opening and exciting activities which include film screenings, media literacy and video production workshops for children, teens and independent producers. The Atlanta Children’s Film Festival kicks-off on July 7, 2022. Check on KVC’s website for more details about all the workshops and screenings in May 2022.

  We showcase films produced by youth. Also, we promote positive films produced by independent producers from around the world.

 A special thanks to the producer and directors that submitted films for our 2022 festival.  We had a record number of submissions this year.  Stay tune for a list of films that were selected!


This summer festival is entertaining and engaging for the whole family. Since we started the festival, it has been a great success, and we have reach over 10,000 youth and their families! In an effort to help us fulfill our mission, promote positive children’s programming and introduce youth to careers in film and television.

KVC was awarded DeKalb County Arts Visionary Award for starting the festival and creating an innovative art program to teach children through the arts. 


Congratulation to the 2021 Winners!

Best Youth Live Action Film!


Directed by, Caleb Metissier, USA, 3:29

After a mysterious new virus causes a worldwide pandemic, young Andy Locke struggles to cope with his “new normal” of living in quarantine.

Best Youth Animated Film!


Directed by Ela Rees, Mortada Gzar (Director of Animation), USA, 4:11

This visually stunning debut animation short of 11-year-old filmmaker Ela Rees tells the story of Ellie the Elephant and her struggle for freedom.

Best Student Entry

Bane Of The Beasts

Directed by Alexis Wong, USA, 5:05

A young creature unlike any other is shunned by all the herds of the land. But little do they know, the pup is meant for a far greater destiny.

Best Animated Short!


Directed by Radostina Neykova, Bulgaria, 5:00

An uplifting tale about learning to fly and a marvelous visual experience made possible through the wonder of handmade embroidery animation!

Best Live Action Short!


Directed by Canedy Knowles, USA, 25:00

An uplifting short film about COVID-19 and the BLM movement from the perspective of America’s youth. Filmed remotely during the pandemic of 2020, the story follows a group of young people who discover how to be physically distance but socially together. Their connection makes them unstoppable.

Best International Film!

Enter The Otter

Directed by Nikos Dayandas, Greece, 19:59

A group of Athenian kids doing theater lose their protagonist, who is being bullied by an older boy. A part-time electrician and Kung Fu master comes to their aid. But in order to bring their friend back, they must first learn how to be a real team.

Best Short Film Over 30 Minutes!

Jaadoo (The Magic)

Directed by Shoorveer Tyagi, India, 38:23

Tvisha and Bhakti study in a remote village school. Every day their teachers punish them and throw them out of class. Tvisha is chirpy, brimming with energy; Bhakti is gloomy & shy. Despite their unlikeness they gradually form a friendship outside the classroom. In the forest, Bhakti and Tvisha discover a secret place and meet a new friend. Soon, the magic begins to unfold!

Best Feature Film!

Annabelle Hooper and the Ghosts of Nantucket

Directed by Paul Serafini, USA, 01:31:54

Annabelle Hooper is a young mystery writer in search of a story for her future best-selling novel. On a family vacation in Nantucket, she uncovers a 200 year-old mystery that provides Annabelle with the inspiration she’s been seeking. Along with local brother-and-sister duo of Jake and Maddi, Annabelle dives into a world of eccentric thieves, psychics, a hazy figure in white, and a mysterious boy named Billy. With an old journal as their guide, the friends follow the clues into adventure.

Grand Prize!

Tattooed Torah

Directed by Marc Bennett, USA, 21:13

A stunning animated short film based on the children’s book by Marvell Ginsburg and true events of the Holocaust. This artfully crafted story of one family’s Torah makes tough lessons of history easily digestible for all ages. The one and only Ed Asner’s narration is one of many factors contributing to the power of this film.