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Kids Video Connection Children's Film Festival (June 15 - 29, 2019)

Kids Video Connection Children’s Film Festival promotes positive, educational, and entertaining programs for children and teens. The festival is two weeks of exciting and educational activities which include film screenings and video production workshops. The next  festival  will be Summer 2020.


Congratulations 2019 Winners!




KVC Award Winner (Feature Film)

Harvie and the Magic Museum: Directed by Martin Kotik, Czech Republic, 1:25

In this creative animated film, Harvie, a smart but a bit lively boy has one ambition, to finish the last level of his computer game. Once in the Gamers Hall of Fame, his father, Mr. Speibl, would finally be proud of him.  But finishing the game turns out to be only the start of a real adventure that takes Harvie, his dog Jerry, and his friend Monica deep into the forgotten realms of the city’s old puppet museum.


The Turtles Swim: Directed by Youth Animator, George Kochell, USA, 1:07

This is an adventure of a scuba diver who joins the turtles’ swim and discovers sunken treasure.  Squirrel Hacker:  In this creative short animated project, a high-tech squirrel runs surveillance on the neighborhood bird feeders. These two short animated projects were created by George, a 12-years-old animator, who enjoys drawing, playing the piano and playing video games.


A Day in the Life of a Pig: Directed by Youth Animator, Hanna Collins, USA, 1:32

Hannah is a 13-year-old girl that started animating a year ago. She wants to work at s up Pixar when she grows-up.  This is her 3rd animated projects. Hannah said, “A Day in the Life of a Pig is mostly just a cute animation, made to make you feel happy.  Originally my goal was to make people remember what they are eating when they bite into a pork-chop, but the idea was lost when it went into production. I encourage you to sit back, relax while watching my little piggy.”


Cookie: Directed by College Student, Peter Tranzik, Slovakia, 9:38

This short fairytale is Peter’s first film.  It is about a young boy who has no friends.  He lives in a house far away from city and goes to school by bike every day.  One day his classmate bullies broke down his bike.  Boy wishes for a new bike for Christmas bus instead of getting a bike, his other unexpected wish does come true.  He gets a friend but much different than you could imagine.


The Topaz Troop: Directed by College Student, Tori Ewing, USA, 15:23

Troop leader Jane, and her ambitious pup, Coco, have planned an adventurous camping trip for the Topaz Troop.  After the weather ruins their plan, Jane discovers that Coco is afraid of thunderstorms and Claire, one of the scout members, is afraid of the dark. The Topaz Troop must work together to help Claire and Coco think of unique ways to face their fears, while putting a positive spin on a rainy day.


Little Pranksters: Directed by College Student, Ihuoma Okereke, Nigeria, 1:32

A seemingly harmless arm wrestle between 6 and 8-year-old brother and sister results in hilarious disaster.

 Bearabbit Beibei: Directed by College Student, Rose Luo, China, 7:00

A 5-year-old girl Beibei’s daily life adventures together with her 4-year-old brother Taotao. They live with their parents in Jasmine village.


Storming the Sound with Salmon: Directed by Faith Haney, USA, 00:30

An animated short telling folks about the fun program that brings salmon into the classroom-and then back to the sea!


A Bike of My Own: Directed by Faith Haney, USA

Cascade Bicycle Club’s “Let’s Go” program in Seattle provides physical education teachers with the resources to teach young students of every ability the ins and outs of bicycle and pedestrian safety.  “Let’s Go” is an invitation for students to be healthy and active in their daily lives.


KVC Award Winner

The Adventures of Zack and Molly: Directed by Jim Toomey, USA, 11:00

Zack is more interested in the small world of his smart phone than the larger world around him. His online request for a roommate is answered by Molly, a tech-savvy dumbo octopus on a mission to tell the world about the importance of the deep ocean. Molly wants to use Zack’s apartment for her global communications headquarters, but Zake is skeptical. To win Zack over, Molly takes him to her deep ocean home in the Gulf of Mexico to see its unique features and diverse marine life, and to help him understand how human activities threaten its health.


Dr. Pete’s Office: Directed by Dr. Peter Richel, USA, 6:27

Dr. Peter Richel is a pediatrician who has become known for his singing and songwriting, his sense of humor, and unique way with kids to help replace his young patients’ anxiety. His show, “Dr. Pete’s Office,” blends health topics with lessons about goodness – diet, exercise, brushing teeth with kindness, tolerance, thankfulness all while exploring places in the community – bakeries, fire stations, farms, factories, hospitals. This show was in initial consideration for a Grammy Award in the Children’s Music category, and it is a smash among young kids.


Folktale: Directed by Ajitesh Sharma, India, 23:06

A young Indian boy’s idea of heroism depicted in fables is challenged in the real world as he takes up a journey with his little Russian friend, who he believes is a fairy.


Playdate: Directed by Matt Aaron Krinsky, USA, 7:00

A boy and girl find themselves stuck on a playground with no electronic devices and must rediscover how to play using their imaginations.


Gameboy: Directed by Stephen Burhoe, USA, 7:29

Jason must talk his video game obsessed brother out of running away from home by showing him the futility of his position.


KVC Award Winner

Game Changer: Directed by College Student, Aviv Mano, USA, 2:40

A macho toy arcade prize is quick to judge a young girl who wants to win him. He goes on a life changing journey in attempt to stop her from winning enough tickets and taking him home.

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