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Our mission is to use video production as a teaching tool to educate and empower today's youth with media literacy, communication and critical thinking skills that will help them become independent thinkers and creators for tomorrow!

We teach children media literacy and effective communication skills through the study and use of video production.

Media literacy is defined as the ability to analyze, understand and create media.   Our vision is to be the premier educational media arts organization that educates, empowers and encourages chidlren. Currently, we are producing the educational children's video program Living Legends Connection to showcase our students work. 


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Kids Video Connection (KVC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational media arts organization serving youth in the Atlanta metropolitan area. We inspire children to learn, think, dream, create, and communicate.  Please sponsor one of our students in an after school program or summer camp.  Your tax deductible donation can help us teach more youth in the community.

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Media Literacy Tip

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Watch your child's favorite television show with him/her. Ask your child what they think and feel about the messages conveyed in the show.


"Children must learn to express themselves, to understand who they are and grow into who they are through their own thoughts".

            By Iyanala Vanzant






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Kids Video Connection Childrens Film Festival

Kids Video Connection


Film Festival

promotes positive, educational, and entertaining children's films and video programs.  This festival is two weeks of fun and educational activities which includes screenings, media literacy and video production workshops.

 Spring, 2018

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